Contrast Glass with Variable ND FaderLux Viewing Glass


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The FaderLux Viewing Glass is a multifunctional contrast glass for cinematographers, gaffers, electricians and first assistant operators. It is used to monitor contrast, adjust projectors and calculate aperture. It protects against UV, so it is a well-suited device for estimating sun/cloud intervals. With the darkest setting, the UV protection of the FaderLux is 99%. The density is continuously adjustable by turning the rotary ring. So you can choose the degree of sifting. A diaphragm selection index between 1.5 and 7 is engraved on the carcass. It displays by how many f-stops the transmission is dimmed. A marking to read the selected density is on the rotating ring. Based on the corresponding ND values, it is very easy to measure the necessary ND parameters (eg to install ND gels or ND filters). The conversion is as follows: 1.5 = ND 0.3 - 0.45, 2 = ND 0.6, 3 = ND 0.9, 4 = ND 1.2, 5 = ND 1.5, 6 = ND 1.8, 7 = ND 2.1. All commercial 52mm photo filters simply screw onto the FaderLux Viewing Glass. So, for example, one can use additional ND filters, or color filters to control the setting when shooting green screen, blue screen or black and white. The Viewing Glass is still compact and easy to handle.

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Features :
Silver body / Silver ring Diameter: 60mm - Variable ND: 1.5=ND0.3 - 0.45, 2=ND0.6, 3=ND0.9, 4=ND1.2, 5=ND1.5, 6=ND1.8, 7=ND2.1 - Compatible filter diam. 52mm
Supplied with accessories: Nylon case
Dimensions Filter holder: ø 52 mm
Type: Variable Contrast
Diameter: ø 60 mm
ND variable: 1.5 Stop = ND 0.3 - 0.45; 2 Stop = ND 0.6; 3 Stop = ND 0.9; 4 Stop = ND 1.2; 5 Stop = ND 1.5; 6 Stop = ND 1.8; 7 Stop = ND 2.1
UV protection: Filters 99% of UV rays
Color: Silver / Silver
Weight (net): 0.0480 kg

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