Flashmeter-Light meter with adjustable head DIGIPRO F2

Reference: GO-CR-SH261A

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Flashmeter-lightmeter with adjustable head

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Code: H261A The measurement of light remains one of the keys to creating original photos. Measurement in natural light and flash, in many situations the use of a light meter-flashmeter is the essential tool to obtain the photos as you imagine them. The GOSSEN brand, recognized worldwide since the famous LUNASIX, has designed with the DIGIPRO F2 an efficient and reliable light meter-flash meter that accompanies many professional photographers on a daily basis. The DIGIPRO F2 is a measuring instrument that offers everything at the same time: precision, versatility, ergonomics and resistance. Contents of the box: DIGIPRO F2, case, wrist strap, battery and user manual in French • Swivel head with removable spherical diffuser • Light measurement: ambient & flash • Measurement method: incident or reflected • Display mode: priority speed or diaphragm • Contrast measurement • Ambient-flash ratio measurement • Cumulative flash function • Flash triggering: open-flash and PC synchro socket Characteristics Light sensor: sbc silicon photodiode Reflected light measurement angle: Approx. 25° Ambient light measurement range (ISO 100): EV -2.5 to 18 Accuracy: ± 0.1 EV Exposure time: 1/8000 sec. 60 mins. Aperture range: 1 to 90 9/10 Flash metering range (ISO 100): f/1 to f/90 Flash sync speeds (metering time): 1 to 1/1000 sec. with 1/90 CINE values: 8 fps to 64 fps with 25 fps and 30 fps (TV) Exposure compensation: ± 7.9 Conversion factor: 1.0 to 240 Sensitivity: ISO 3.2 to 8000 by 1/3 Memorization of measurements Screen d Display: LCD Power supply: 1 x 1.5 V battery - type AA Battery capacity display Automatic switch-off Operating temperatures: -10 to 60° C Dimensions: 65 x 150 x 19 mm Weight: 100 g without battery

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