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The VS-5X is a 7" field monitor with both HD-SDI & HDMI inputs and outputs , a 1920*1200 resolution, and a 160 degree viewing angle that makes it easy to monitor built-in functions such as waveform, vectorscope, RGB histogram, false color zebras and timecode. This powerful device enclosed in durable, yet sleek housing makes the VS-5X the optimal SDI monitor for any shooter or cinematographer.

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The VS-5X is a 7" field monitor with both HD-SDI & HDMI inputs and outputs, 1920x1200 resolution, and a 160-degree viewing angle that makes it easy to monitor built-in functions such as waveform, vectorscope, RGB histogram, false color, zebras and timecodes. This powerful device, enclosed in durable yet sleek housing, makes the VS-5X the best SDI monitor for any filmmaker. 1920 x 1200, Beyond High-Definition Similar to the rest of the Aputure FineHD line of monitors, the VS-5X boasts a 1920 x 1200 resolution display, making every pixel of your image clear and crisp. The 160-degree viewing angle makes it easy to see from all angles and the additional monitor space under the 7-inch display allows for indicators, shortcuts, signal inputs and battery info to be seen without overlapping or interfering with your picture. HDMI/HD-SDI inputs and outputs The VS-5X HDMI/HD-SDI input preserves the quality of your footage and reliably transfers a real-time HD signal to your monitor. The SDI allows for precision image display for your video village. An upgrade from the VS-5, HDMI/HD-SDI outputs are finally a part of the Aputure family. In addition, the VS-5X supports cross conversion from HDMI to HD-SDI and vice-versa. Professional Color Monitoring RGB waveform is the newest addition to the V-Screen's list of visual optimization functions, including two methods of displaying the data of your image: RGB parade and RGB overlay. Whatever method you choose, waveforms can help you accurately find the pixel-to-pixel color values of your image. This makes it easier to calibrate your image's white balance, ensuring the highest quality control possible. Vectorscope—Measure Hue and Saturation The vectorscope is an essential tool for directors, cinematographers and colorists alike. On the VS-5X, you can easily measure the hue and saturation of your image for a consistent workflow from pre to post production. Monitor Multiple Scopes at Once To better monitor your color space, the VS-5X also offers the option of an RGB Histogram. You can simultaneously display your vectorscope, RGB Parade, and RGB Histogram to help effectively gauge all of the color values of your image in different perspectives without having to overlap of your main image. Exposure, Focus & Sound Monitoring Besides monitoring color, the VS-5X also has the ability to display Zebras, False Color, Peaking, a Volume Bar, and SDI timecode functions that can be used to better monitor your production workflow. Three Methods of Supplying Power Similar to the VS-5, the VS-5X has adopted a new dual battery system that can eject or mount batteries with the press of a button. Though it includes two slots, the VS-5X can be powered by a single battery as well. A separate optional DC 2.5mm adapter or V/A mount batteries with an included D-tap cable can also power the VS-5X. Fully-Enclosed Sun Hood Eliminate Reflections and Glare Eliminate reflections and glares with a completely sealed sun hood with light-absorbing fabric. The Sun Hood is the ultimate tool for shooting outdoors to help ensure you are always able to see your display clearly. All-In-One Packaging Everything You Need, Ready To Go Similar to the VS-5, the VS-5X comes with its own flexible and mobile bag. The mesh fabric protects the unit from scratches and its slim design ensures portability. The VS-5X is truly an all-in-one solution to start your professional monitoring experience.

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